Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My peppers in the garden are looking great. This year I planted 12 different varieties of peppers. I thought I would show what 2 different varieties look like on the pepper plant while the peppers are still green.
The above peppers are Long Thin Cayenne. They take about 100 days to turn red from the date you set them out in the garden. These were set out on May 26, 2012 so they should be turning red soon.These are very hot. When they turn red, I will dry and grind them to make fresh cayenne pepper.
These peppers are Peperoncino. They are sweet and mild and can be pickled when green  or dry them after they turn red. (When they are red they are hotter.) They are about 2 to 3 inches long and the plants are loaded with peppers. These plants were also set out in my garden on May 26th and they too will be turning red during the month of September.


  1. Wow,I'm impressed! We try growing peppers every year but it never seems hot enough for long enough. We do have good luck with purple gustos, and they look so pretty. I love peperoncini...do you ever attend the Seattle Tilth barter fairs? It's a great way to trade pickles, preserves, whatever you make, with other folks. Nice work Richard!

    1. Thanks for the compliment. I start my peppers from seed around April 1st and transfer them to 5" peat pots when they have true leaves. I set them out the end of May. I plant varieties that mature in less than 80 days. This year I planted Bells, Italian Sweet, Corno di Toro, Jalapeno, Northstar, Biggie, Anaheim, Ancho Magnifico, Serrano, Thai Hot, Peperonico and Cayenne. They all did well. I use drip irrigation and sometimes but not always cover the ground with green plastic. I have never attended Seattle Tilth barter fairs...I do not produce enough to barter since any of my excess goes to family, friends and neighbors!