Friday, August 17, 2012

This week I have been canning pickled dilled beans. I now have 21 pints canned and today or tomorrow I will need to do more since more beans are ready in the garden. The above photo shows the cut-to-length beans, dill, garlic and peppers ready to place in the jars. I am using a recipe from my soon to be published cookbook, Dad's Home Cooking, Traditional Recipes for Preparing Healthy Family Meals.

  The above photo shows the sterilized jars filled with beans, garlic, dill and pepper, ready to receive the brine. Note the stainlees steel jar filler being used to make filling the jars with brine easier.

This photo shows the jars after the brine has been added and the lids and lid rings installed. Note the jar lifter being used to pick up and insert the jars into the hot canner water.

The jars are now sitting on the canning rack in the hot water being heated to boiling.

The water has now started boiling. The lid on the canner is put in place and the timing of the rapid boiling processing time is started.

The finished product with sealed lids-2 batches of pickled dilled beans ready for storage.

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