Sunday, November 11, 2012

My Cayenne peppers from the garden are now all dry (I've had them in the dehydrator to finish the drying.) so today I ground some Cayenne pepper and made some pepper flakes.

First I broke up the peppers using my hands.(Be careful doing this and wear rubber gloves as these peppers may burn your skin.) I did this outside to avoid breathing in the vapors from the peppers. I then placed the crushed peppers on a screen to remove most of the seed which was discarded. The crushed pepper was then divided; some (with some seeds) was kept for pepper flakes and some (without seeds) was ground into Cayenne pepper.

I ground the Cayenne pepper using a food processor until the pepper was finely ground.

Here is the finely ground Cayenne pepper. I toss my old cayenne pepper and fill the container with this freshly ground pepper!

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