Tuesday, November 27, 2012

This blog is a home cooking and vegetable garden growing blog where I post about food that I cook and vegetables that I grow. This post is a little different in that I am displaying an almost 20 inch wooden bowl that I just turned on my lathe. This is a fruit bowl made from a large salvaged  Deodar Cedar that was removed from my neighbor's yard.last year. The tree was planted about 50 years ago and had grown to a base diameter of 3 feet. Deodar cedar is the national tree of Pakistan and it grows naturally in that part of the world. The wood was easy to turn and it finished nicely after drying for 1 year.

This fruit bowl will be donated as a silent auction item to the Puget Sound Chapter, Construction Specifications Institute silent auction to raise funds for N W Harvest, a Washington State private organization that feeds the hungry.


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    1. Thank you. This was my first time using Deodar Cedar and I was pleasantly surprised!